Control your laptop after it’s been stolen

You bought your laptop because it’s small, light and travels well. Unfortunately, these reasons make it easy to be stolen. And as careful as you may be, if a thief wants your computer bad enough, he’s going to get it.

Nowadays, laptops are relatively cheap. Although you want it back, often there’s something you want back even more: The Data.

That’s where WhoStoleMyPC comes in. In addition to providing information that can help authorities locate your laptop, WhoStoleMyPC gives you the ability to prevent data theft.

WhoStoleMyPC give you total control of your machine while it’s in the thief’s hands - and he’s never aware:

When your computer has been stolen, you can log onto and activate WhoStoleMyPC’s remote control commands. As long as your stolen computer has even occasional access to the internet, these commands will be executed. You have complete control over these commands through this web site.

In cases where your computer has not been able to communicate with the Internet, a set of commands that you have pre-selected will be executed.

Of course, WhoStoleMyPC must have been installed on the laptop before it has been stolen! Download the demo now before it’s too late.